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OpenSourceCornell is an organization for anyone in the Ithaca area interested in Free and Open Source software. We have weekly meetings, talks, and Linux Installfests every semester.

Who Are We?

We are a club of Cornell undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in learning about, using, and promoting free and open source software. Started in the spring of 2011, we've

  • held Linux Installfests to help people start using GNU/Linux,
  • volunteered at open source workshops to show people how they can contribute,
  • hosted Richard Stallman, Howard Hinnant, Red Hat, and others to give talks and share their viewpoints,
  • run DevJams for people in the community to get together and hack on projects,
  • held weekly meetings for anyone to discuss free software, free culture, or anything related,
  • and more!

We welcome anybody, regardless of major, background, or identity, who is interested in learning more about free and open source software and how they can use or contribute to it.

What is Free and Open Source Software?

Specifically, free software means users have the four essential freedoms: (0) to run the program, (1) to study and change the program in source code form, (2) to redistribute exact copies, and (3) to distribute modified versions.

OpenSourceCornell promotes free software: software which you are able to run, study, modify, and redistribute as you wish. Free software means you should always be able to modify your video games, to know if your web browser is sending your browsing habits somewhere, to improve a tool and then let other people use it. If you want to learn more, join us at an upcoming event.


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  • New Eboard!

    And we’re back! We’ve had quite a bit of trouble with downtime, but now that the website is working again, I’d like to announce the board for 2018:

  • Summer of Code

    Want to get more involved in open source over the summer? There’s two programs that you might be interested in then: Google Summer of Code and Rails Girls Summer of Code. Both programs sponsor students to spend their summers working on open-source projects alongside mentors, helping you learn more about contributing to projects. And both are accepting applications right now!

  • New Website!

    OpenSourceCornell finally has its own website! From now on, we’ll be posting events on here as well as Facebook and our mailing list. Also, be sure to check back for updates on club projects and what’s going on in free and open-source software.

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